Campus The Good Gamer was a great week in which girls and boys around 11 and 18 years old, gaming lovers, learned and play e-Sports. We created this campus to approach the young people to the professional side of the e-Sports.

For that, I organized a complete week of classes and entertaiment: during the mornings, our students could choose between three workshops: how to be a good Youtuber, how to create videogames with Unity and the secrets of Manga and Anime. With young and very prepared teachers, boys and girls created their own videogames, anime arts and learn how to record and edit videos for Youtube. During the afternoon, they went to our Hearthstone, Pokémon Sun and Moon, Clash Royale and League of Legends masterclasses and then, played the tournaments. One day, they visited the DreamHack and the last day, we played the finals, give the prizes and the diplomas.


I designed the official web to get all the information together.

Visual art created and designed by me:

The Good Gamer 2017

Teaser filmed and edited by me: Campus “The Good Gamer” 2017


The Good Gamer 2016

Teaser filmed and edited by me: Campus “The Good Gamer” 2016

Teaser filmed and edited by me: Gran Final: Campus “The Good Gamer” 2016