I love to work for the Internet Freedom Festival. I started as a staff member during the first edition, in 2015, known as the Circumvention Tech Festival. Through the years, I’ve scaleted positions and jobs from Staff, going by Volunteer Coordinator, Staff Coordinator, to Logistics Coordinator, my current role.

As Logistics Coordinator of the IFF, I work directly with the Executive Director Pepe Borrás, on logistics and design of the festival: distribution, furniture, catering, supplies, as well as merchandising desing and order. In other hand, I work with the Strategic Advisor Sandy Ordonez in Social Media, Volunteer Coordination and Staff Coordination, and management of different processes as the Diversity and Inclusion Fund, the registration or the Fellowship Program.

As you can read at the official website of the Internet Freedom Festival, “The IFF nurtures collective efforts which, through diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration, support online freedom of expression, protection from digital threats, and expanded access to online spaces.”

Since its beginning as the Circumvention Tech Festival in 2015, the Internet Freedom Festival (IFF) has grown into one of the largest, most diverse and inclusive gatherings in the Internet Freedom community.


Thoughts and interesting data from the Internet Freedom Festival 2018: