In December 2015, I co-founded this organization to keep the valencian gamer community together, professionaly and academicly.

We wanted Valencia to be in the national gamer map, through formal, non-formal education, positive tournaments and networking in e-Sports. Our objective was to show that there’s a world full of jobs and possibilities of success with e-Sports.

In this organization, I was the Creative Director. I developed tasks related to events organization, graphic design and social media. In other words, I organized all the events like campus and festivals; I creates all the visual content that we needed in those events and, of course, every visual art that we needed for our social media tools, that I managed too. As well as recording and editing our teasers and videos or designing our cool and funny T-shirts.

Please, visit the Official Website (designed by me, too) to get more information and details of my work.